Allah has sent a holy book to us humans and wants us to read it. 

As you may know there are many different interpretations (tafsirs) of the holy Qur’an. So the question is which shall we read and which can we trust? 

First of all the Risale-i Nur collection is an interpretation of our time and answers many questions which came up in our century especially toxic questions which base on the phylosophical ideology.  

The greatest illness of our time is the luck of iman (faith) so we need exhaustive answers and proofs which appeal our hearts, our aql (mind) and our ruh (spirit). And by reading these books we actually take lessons. The other interpretations don’t answer every question of our time because they aren’t of our time. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read them, if you stay in the circle of Ehl-i Sunnah everything is fine. 

Nowadays you see everywhere sins and there is always a way which leads to sins. The Risale-i Nur collection removes and fights off sins.

Furthermore all of us say that we love Allah but how can you love someone whome you’re a stranger to? And Allah is not a secret, he sent us his message by his messanger Muhammad (pbuh). So by reading the Qur’an you can get to know him and the Risale-i Nur collection helps you to understand it. 

We’ve learned religion from our parents, our families so that’s imitated iman. But we have to move the imitated iman to verificated iman which is possible to reach by reading, understanding, questioning and getting closer to Allah.

As all of you know demanding knowledge is fardh (mandatory) in our religion so it’s our task to get to know to Allah. And this collection of tafsir helps us to take knowledge. 

But the very first reason for why reading the Risale-i Nur collection is the sake of Allah. It doesn’t matter if you claim fruits after reading. Sometimes it’s hard to unerstand, but this doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t look for the result. 

In summary the Risale-i Nur collection is an understandable and good explaing tafsir which helps us to get closer to our Creator and it answers many questions which are in our minds.


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