I don’t believe in a God because there isn’t a scientific evidence for Gods existence. So when they say scientific, it means a physical evidence right? Like how we explain the existence of an object, or an energy.


But.. When we take a look at the religion the Islam. How do they explain the existence of God(Allah)? Do they even claim that He is a physical object or an energy? The answer is No. The Islamic view claims that Allah is not an object and also not an energy. Allah does not resemble to the physical sizes we are used to. Allah isn’t similar to anything we can see or imagine. Allah’s appearance is inconceivable.


In the Quran is written in Surat el Ikhlas (chapter 112, ayah 4):”And there is none any equivalent to Him.” So with the knowledge of all this, we can see that we can’t explain Allah in a physical way. But we can notice His existence with just looking around us. Cause everything in this universe is actually showing his existence. We, the human beings , our minds are limited. We are not able to understand everything. How would something limited ever be able to understand Allah, who is the almighty. How would we ever be able to understand that which is infinitive?


Basically not. So yes, we will never be able to prove Allah’s existence physically, in a scientific way. But why? Just telling you, the answer of this question is really simple. In the noble Quran, is written that there will always be believers and unbelievers. So there will always be people who believe in the existence of Allah and there will always be people who do not believe in the existence of Allah. If there was a physical evidence of the existence of Allah, there wouldn’t be any unbelievers. Because yeah, it would be proven that He does exist.


So there would be no way to deny it. But if it was like this, then Allah would have lied to us. It would be very illogical. I mean, He would be saying that there will be believers and unbelievers, and that this live is a test to see the good and evil, and at the same time he would be showing his existence in a way we could not deny. So there wouldn’t be any unbelievers. And that whole test story wouldn’t have made any sense, right? So nothing would make any sense, everything would be just nonsense. Point taken.


Okay let’s move on. When we take a look at today’s science, we will be seeing that actually the most of the proven things are proved with physical scientific experiments. But even if you would repeat an experiment like a thousand times, it’s kinda sure, but not 100%. There will always be a chance that the 1001′ time the results will not be the same. So we can conclude that even if something is kinda sure, it will never be 100% real. There is always a possibility that the results can change because of something really small. Like a little little detail. Professor John Lennox, a professor of mathematics and science philosophy of the universe of Oxford says in one of his books: ” imagine: you see a man laying on the street, with scars, wounds, bleeding and so. You do not know anything about him. So you also do not know why he is exactly laying there on the ground. You can not say: let’s find out with a scientific experiment what has happened to him, right? ” Of course not, because it isn’t a scientific problem. It’s something historical, it has happened a few minutes maybe a few ours ago, when you weren’t there. A scientific experiment would not be able to show what has happened to this man. It’s like mathematics, you can’t solve the formula 2a-3x. Because a’s and x’es are not the same things. So you can’t deduct these terms from each other. This situation is just the same story. So we need to find the right method to find an answer to our question.

We have 3 options:

A) We are going to find out what has happened with a scientific experiment (well we just explained before that this is not possible)

B) We just let it go. Who cares, we don’t even know that man, we don’t need to know. (Alright, imagine that that man is your father or your lovely brother, or the man you love, someone you care about. Then? Of course you would know what has happened so yeah one more option left;)

C) We are going to find out what has happened with the right method.

Well, of course we choose the third option, option C. Historical, philosophical and forensic pathological problems can’t be solved with (using only) scientific experiments.

Each of these kind of problems, questions, have to be solved or answered with a right method. Our question is: Does Allah exist? Yes we can’t prove it with some scientific experiments and physical results. But we can use different ways 🙂 Professor Doctor Karl Giberson says: “In the last 40 years have sciences, such as physics and cosmology brought back the term ‘design’. Paul Davies says: “When we look at the things which occur in the depths of the nature, we can definitely see the complexity of it.


Even the smartest people in the world, even the best professors are not able to understand and explain how it all happens, or why it happens in that certain way. How can we ever believe that this whole universe is just coincidence?” Just imagine, if the Gravity on earth changed a little bit (Mass*9,2 Newton in place of Mass*9,81 Newton which is the actual value of the gravitational force) it would have disastrous consequences. If the planets moved a little bit from their orbits, life would probably be impossible. When we take a look at the universe.


The gravity forces are holding the planets on the places they have to be. Actually it could be possible that all the planets could be anywhere in the universe right? But only the way they are settled by now, makes formation of life possible. John A. Wheeler: “When we examine the medium of space with the depths of the domain of time, the range of pressure and temperature, and the field strengths we can clearly understand that all of this can’t be meaningless. The human being can’t be an insignificant creature on an insignificant planet in a large meaningless insignificant galaxy!


The old philosopher was right! A meaning is important, or rather, the meaning behind it is the center of it all. It’s the most important thing. Not only the human is compatible with the universe, the universe is also compatible with the human beings. ” “It’s like the universe always knew that one day the human being would be on earth..” ~Freeman Dyson If there is a compatibility, a kind of balance between some things, there must be someone or something who maintains this, don’t you think so?

For example Protons and neutrons couldn’t be held together if there wasn’t any nuclear force. And so would the formation of elements like oxygen or nitrogen or hydrogen be impossible. So as you see, changing one tiny thing will have disastrous consequences. And when we think about all these things being told, the decision is yours. Can this perfectly well organized universe be coincidence? If the answer is no, who is the creator of all of this? A mindless, unconscious, lifeless atom? Or an almighty, eternal, immeasurable creator which has an endless knowledge and power?


Again, the decision is yours..