One  of the questions that my brothers and sisters who start reading Risale-i Nur for the first time ask is that they have difficulty to understand it because of its old words and it’s hard language.  This point prevents our brothers and sisters to read Risale-i Nur. Is that right? Does Risale-i Nur have a hard language which makes it difficult to understand? Look what Said Nursi say about that: “Every risale has everyone’s share, but not everyone needs to know everything.” Well, as you can see everyone from the seven year old child to 70-year-old man gets as much capacity as he reads the capacity increases. We call it he the opening of Risale-i Nur with curtains. That’s what makes sense if we think about it. We do research on a book for earthly knowledge. 

When we write an exam we read a book haps of times but when it comes to a book that will save our eternal life we say that that we just don’t understand it and leave. Another reason for this is that we don’t know in which conditions these books were written. So, how to read Risale-i Nur? Said Nursi says “Risale-i Nur should not be read like other sciences and books. Because the science of faith in him is not like other sciences and education. Apart from the mind, they are the blessings and the light of many human beings.” Now let’s give an example. Throughout history, even one of the biggest scientist Ibn-i Sina hasn’t been able to prove the resurrection and the hereafter mentally. He said that these issues have no mental proof. But Said Nursi proved it the delightedly, mentally and sensible as sure as two and two is four. 

Now if we read the issue that scientists like Ibn-i Sina couldn’t prove just as reading a newspaper how much would we benefit from it? And when the author of the book says: “Do not read like newspapers.” if we don’t try to understand it and close it by saying ‘I don’t understand’ wouldn’t we insult a holy book that describes the issues that even a university professor could not understand such as resurrection and hereafter as good as a shepherd would understand. 

In the future to get 3 thousand 4 thousand dollars, you memorize those difficult and different books that you understand. I’m sure you will also understand these books which will save your eternal life. Just ask sincerely!