Starting with the first question: When you google ‘Fatih Yağcı’, you’ll get the suggestion ‘Who is Fatih Yağcı?’.

Fatih was born in 1984. Till his 20s, he lived a pretty boisteriously life. He just went with the flow. He was always believing in Allah swt, but far from practising. In 2004, his whole life changed…for the better!

Questions like ‘Where am I coming from? Where am I going to? Who am I?’ were crossing his mind. And this led him to make researches in islamic issues. The result of this research could have had only 2 options: Either going with the flow and being stuck in this life like he already did or being someone who would live in this world, but with the intention to prepare his afterlife in the best way he would be able to.

When he was on his researches, he found an answer to each question, the key to his everlasting happiness. The Risale-i Nur Collection. Each one of the questions on his mind were solved,with this commentary of the Qur’an. And after this point, his purpose in life was and still is to spread the word of Allah swt all around the world.

By the way, Fatih Yagci is a Sunni Muslim.

This development also answers the second question: ‘What is Sözler Köşkü?’. To put his purpose into action, Fatih and some of his friends from college decided to build up a community where they can make those researches in islamic issues in a professional way. Their work is firstly based on the Qur’an and hadith of our prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and then on the tafsir (commentary) ‘Risale-i Nur‘ of ustadh Said Nursi. To be a part of Sözler Köşkü means that you can talk and learn about Islam and islamic issues in a heartwarming atmosphere. That’s why the first thing you can read when you enter Sözler Köşkü is ‘We don’t like visitors here. Welcome home!’ 🙂

Fatih isn’t only the initiator and leader of Sözler Köşkü, he is also an author. Until now he has written 2 books, ‘Seviyorsan git konuş bence’ and ‘Cennete gidemezsek yandık’.
Both books were so appreciated by the booklovers, that they reached the high range list of different bookstores in Turkey.

Besides his individual success, the success of Sözler Köşkü is continously growing up.

Sözler Köşkü is currently the biggest islamic youtube channel of Turkey. The first steps towards ‘Sözler Köşkü International’ are taken.

Videos in English and different subtitles have been made and will be made in the future achieve his goal, to spread the word of Allah swt all around the world. Collaborations with different international islamic youtube channels, which have a huge number of subscribers, are already done. The last and most special incident that happened was to get support from the biggest islamic channel on youtube by sharing a video.

Knowing that this is a huge blessing, Fatih is always aiming the sake of Allah swt by staying humble and putting the will of Allah at the first place, no matter what he is doing or what’s happening…